I warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST).

We have been admitting students for over 30 years since the foundation of MUST with the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor Surgery in 1989. With the establishment of other healthcare professionals’ programs, the FoM has nurtured and developed thousands of medical human resources for the present and future. The Faculty is recognized internationally for its quality as well as developing health professionals making a difference locally and globally.

The Faculty is dedicated to training a diverse group of future leaders in academic health professions and clinical practice who will combine clinical medicine with the discovery of new knowledge through research. Currently we have six undergraduate programs: human medicine, nursing, medical laboratory sciences, pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and physiotherapy. Students in our programs have access to an extraordinary diversity of 23 different Masters programs: 13 Master of Medicine, 06 Master of Science (biomedical programs), Master of Medical Laboratory Science, Master of Nursing Science, Master of Pharmacy in Clinical Pharmacy, and Master of Public Health, and PhD research opportunities. The FoM at MUST is the only School in Uganda that offers Master of Nursing in Critical Care Nursing, Master of Pharmacy in Clinical Pharmacy, and Master of Public Health (Research Ethics) degree programs.

We have several foundational pillars that guide our programs. Our training is guided by competence-based curricula. We offer our health professional students opportunity to practice interdisciplinary healthcare delivery through community based education, research, and service (COBERS). We have an outstanding cadre of alumni, collaborative research and clinical mentors.

For new students, you have chosen a great time to have an exciting, challenging but a memorable academic journey at MUST FoM. I take the opportunity to congratulate you for making it to one of the best Medical Schools in the East African Region. You will be studying under the guidance, supervision, and mentorship of an exceptionally knowledgeable faculty dedicated to helping you get the most out of your education at MUST.

You are entering the gateway to health sciences education that will prepare you to succeed in an increasingly competitive local and international marketplace. Much of your success in your journey through life will depend on the effort and the choices you make now. No matter what level of education or expertise, here at the FoM, you are going to meet people who will become your lifelong friends and mentors.

We promote teamwork, professionalism, transparency, accountability, and selflessness. We seek out and respect the opinions of others, enjoy the rich variety of activities the university has to offer, and find opportunities to give back to our communities through community based education, research and service (COBERS).

All of us at the FoM are strongly committed to supporting our students succeed, and mutual partnerships thrive. We pride in individual and collective successes locally and internationally.

If you are looking for a school to prepare and build your career, I welcome you to apply to study at MUST Faculty of Medicine. You are welcome to enter an exciting and substantive career as a health professional, scientist, public health expert, and leader.

We are proud to play a leading role in the various health professions as evidenced by many of our staff and alumni serving on professional bodies, ministerial committees, and heading other schools of health sciences locally and internationally.

We have no other option but to succeed for “Succeed we Must”.

Dr. Joseph Ngonzi (PhD)