We made our success when Dr.Nakku has been graduate as the first ENT specialist in 25 years of our university under the tutors of one Cuban ENT specialist, Associate Professor Luis A.Pompa Milanes.
ENT is a fast growing up department since we have admited 3 residents for Master in our speciality, nowdays there are so many services to Wester Uganda population like:
• Audiometry test.
• Advanced Ear surgery.
• Tympanoplsty.
• Grommets insertion for Otitis media with Effusion.
• FESS-(Funtional Endoscopy Sinus Surgery).

As noticed our ENT department is teaching as high level services to the population and teaching as well in new techniques to our residents and undergraduates.
Our department has a doctor on call daily the all year for emergencies. and ward rounds, we are running clinics in OPD 3 days a week, and one private on Mondays 2pm in the new wing ,Mondays is our theoretical Teaching day for students and residents and Friday our practical day in Theater instead of every day in clinic and including University and Massachusetts general Hospital in USA, and Vancouver in Canada, so we allowed our residents for many options of personal improving of their knowledge and to be in contact with high scientific developing techniques in Ear surgery, FEES in our University and sometimes overseas during emergencies at night and weekend. We have developed a good plan of collaboration with Harvard, etc.