Prof. Patrick Ogwang HOD



Pharmacy Staff Profiles

Pharmacy is a profession that is primarily tasked with provision of medicines to alleviate sufferings and prolong lives of humans and animals in the society. Provision of medicines involves discovery of drugs, their development into medicines, manufacture and supply with information on their appropriate storage, use and disposal. All drugs are poisons and the pharmacy profession plays key roles in discovering and converting the poisons into medicines through designing appropriate formulations, route of administration, doses and information.
No society can live without medicines. Pharmacy profession therefore plays a key role in the existence and prosperity of any society. To join pharmacy training and be successful as a pharmacist one must be good at chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics in addition to having a creative, adventurous and meticulous mindset. In pharmacy training one must learn both biomedical, medical and pharmaceutical sciences making a pharmacist able to fit into the entire medicine value chain from discovery of drugs, their development, manufacture, clinical application, storage, regulation and disposal in a manner that safeguards the population and environment.
The pharmacy department at faculty of medicine is nurturing and building capabilities in pharmaceutical sciences to be able discover and develop novel drugs into medicines as well as capabilities in clinical pharmacy to ensure excellent pharmaceutical care of patients resulting into safer cost-effective treatment outcomes. Our department has a rich pool of specialist in the field of pharmacognosy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical & medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical technology, clinical pharmacy, pharmacoepidemiology among others. Associate Professor Ogwang Patrick Emgeu the inventor of COVIDEX and several natural medicine products welcomes you into pharmacy world of great and awesome discoveries, inventions and society impact. Thank you.