Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical science is a field that focuses on the design and synthesis of potential drugs, as well as their evaluation in biological systems and disease models as a means of profiling their preclinical safety, efficacy, dynamics, and metabolism. Therefore, the Bachelor of Science Pharmaceutical Sciences at Mbarara University of Science & Technology, the first of its kind in Uganda, East and Central Africa, is designed as an interdisciplinary program to train scientists with the relevant expertise for research and development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry sectors. It combines a broad range of scientific subjects that are important for the discovery, development and manufacture of drugs and therapies. The program started its first intake in 2012 after the approval of its curriculum by the National Council of Higher Education. The establishment of the program was supported by the Millennium Science Initiative (MSI) grant.  It has, since inception, added to the Pharmaceutical sector world wide a work force at least 150 cadres most of whom are serving in the discovery, development, and quality control of medicines and drugs. The graduates for Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences have contributed greatly to the discovery of very potent medicines and drugs from natural products that are now receiving notifications from NDA. The images below are some of the products.

The purified cow ghee was used for development of a jelly comprising exclusively of natural materials within Uganda. The product has also been submitted to UNBS for testing and will soon be certified once the regulatory process is complete





This Product is used for Allergies (Rhinitis and Sinusitis), Flue and Cough. Mintex has also been used for steam inhalation for relief of various COVID-19 symptoms

Details of the program structure and content are provided along with the logistical inputs for successful program delivery.

The programme is housed in the Faculty of Medicine and draws on the expertise from the departments of Pharmacy,