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Faculty Research Projects

9th January 2013 Implementation Committee meeting
10th January 2013 Clinical Skills Laboratory meeting
14th-16 January 2013 Grant Writing, Submission & Management training
17th January 2013 e-Learning meeting
21-24th January 2013 Curriculum Implementation guidelines
25th January 2013 Peer visit to KIU
28-30th January 2013 Ethical Conduct of Research training

7-8th Feb Monitoring and Evaluation visit by MakCHS
9th & 16th Feb Ethical Conduct of Research training
11th Feb Skills Lab meeting
12th Feb 2013 Complete Strategic plan Office of Research Administration
15th Feb MUST MESAU MEPI Core Team meeting
15th Feb Grand round webcast (MUST)
20th Feb Video conference-eLearning (JHU)
21st Feb Grand round MakCHS
27th & 28th Feb Pedagogy training

MARCH 2013
1st March Implementation Committee meeting   
4-6th March Training for manuscript writing (Faculty & Resaerchers)
7th March Research priorities for Faculty of Medicine  
11th-15th March Strategic planning completion CIRIMO  
18th March e-IRB meeting
19th March Meeting to adopt mentorship guidelines    
22nd March Monitoring & Evaluation meeting  
23rd March Grant writing, submission & Management (for students)
29th March Grand round webcast        
29 & 30 March Pedagogy training 

APRIL 2013
4th April Monitoring & Evaluation meeting
5th April 2013 MESAU joint meeting CC visit planning
6th April 2013 iRIM meeting
8th-10th April 2013 TOT for Research Administrators
11th-12th April 2013 RAM training
13th April 2013 LMS (Claroline) training for undergraduate students
15th April 2013 MEPI Survey completion
16th April 2013 Skype call-GrantsManagement Manual
17th-19th April 2013 Finance Management-MESAU
20th April 2013 RCR for undergraduate students
22nd April 2013 Consultative meeting (IRC, Procurement, Finance, University Secretary, Librarian)
23rd -27th April 2013 MEPI Coordinating Center visit to Gulu
27th April 2013 LMS (Claroline) training for undergraduate students
29th April-2nd May 2013 Faculty support supervision training

MAY 2013
3rd-5th May 2013 Capacity building TOT
4th May 2013 LMS (Claroline) training for undergraduate students
6th-10th May 2013 Site team training
10th May 2013 LMS (Clarorine) training for Faculty and site team supervisors
13th May 2013 MUST MESAU MEPI Core team meeting
15th May 2013 Budget planning meeting


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