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MNS in Critical Care Nursing

MNS in Critical Care Nursing
Begin August 2014

Mbarara University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Medicine
Department of Nursing

Starting in August the MUST Department of Nursing will offer a Critical Care Nurse Specialist master's program for BNSc registered nurses who wish to expand their nursing expertise related to the management of the critically ill patient population. If you seek diverse professional opportunities, such as delivering complex direct patient care, organizing services and resources, educating nurses and healthcare professionals to improve healthcare delivery, and working with an interdisciplinary team this program will help you build the necessary competencies in both clinical theory-based and research-based nursing practices.
The program is two years (4 semesters), and includes both theoretical and clinical courses.  It is composed of 34 credits of core courses and 29 credits of specialization courses that include advanced health assessment of adults and children, advanced pathophysiology and pharmacology, and 3 advanced clinical courses.
The school seeks individuals who will bring to the student body the qualities of scholarship, motivation, and commitment. The Admissions Committee is interested in each applicant as an individual and will consider both academic potential and personal qualities. Therefore, school records, recommendations, and an essay about goals and interests are important.  Letters of recommendations should include a summary of the student's character, intellectual curiosity, seriousness of purpose, and range of additional activities.
Please apply to: Office of the Academic Registrar
                               Mbarara University of Science Technology
   Or online application at    
                 Locate application by selecting Services, then select Academic
                               Registrar, then graduate application

Deadline for applications is the 30th of May 2014

For additional Information contact Department of Nursing at MUST
Or online:  Sara Groves, Senior Lecturer

When submitting your application please include your
Statement about your goals and how this program would be helpful in your career development

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