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Name: Anthony Muyingo


M.Med Internal Medicine (MU.CHS)


Academic Ranks

Lecturer of Medicine

Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

Current Responsibility

Renal Physician,

Renal Unit Mbarara University teaching Hospital.


Peer Reviewed Journey Articles

Mawanda M, Odiit A, Muyingo A, Kiguli E. Microalbuminuria in Ugandan Children with sickle cell anemia, A cross-sectional study. Annals of Tropical paediatrics, 2011;31:115-21.

Muyingo A, Ssekasanvu E, Kawoya MG, Kigonya E. Clinical, Sonographic and Histological renal features of HIV seropositive patients with proteinuria at Mulago Hospital. 2010. (presented at the Kampala Renal Week jan 2012)

Franca E, Ferraro A, Pido B, Opira C, Iriso R, Muyingo A. Echocardiography in Northern Uganda. A Prospective study of patients suspected of having cardiac disease. (Presented at the cardiology conference in Barcelona Spain 2006)


On- Going Research/ Services

Pathogens and Antibiotic resistance patterns among adults and Children presenting with sepsis syndrome in Mbarara university teaching Hospital.

Acute Kidney injury in Mbarara University Intensive care unit.

Milk thistle and  TB drug induced Liver injury (DILI).



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