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Position: Lecturer

Qualifications: MSc Biochemistry (MUST), MSc Nutrition (Hebrew Univ.), BSc Educ. (MUST)

Email address:

Phone:           +256 772 341922

Research group or field you are active: Note: This is not research interest

  • First Mile: Burden of care and barriers to hospital discharge instructions for patients with stroke in Southwestern Uganda.


  • Study PI

Research interests (use full sentence case for each item in the bulleted list

  • As a Nutritionist, Biochemist and Junior faculty, I am interested in developing my career in the areas of Nutritional Biochemistry and, Molecular Biology and genetics
  • Using red cabbage leaf extract to modulate GLUT4 gene expression for delaying onset of insulin resistance.
  • Cancer research: Molecular basis, Risk factors and Prevention
  • Aging and related diseases


Unique responsibilities in the Department (if applicable)

  • In-charge/coordinator of Medical Laboratory Science course in Biochemistry department


Role related posts held

  • Member of the MUST Clinical Research Laboratory Committee of Faculty of Medicine


Career (If applicable Jobs outside MUST)

  • 2015 – 2018  Part-time Lecturer, Biochemistry and Nutrition  Uganda Christian University, Mukono
  • 2013 – 2014  Part-time Lecturer, Biochemistry and Nutrition   Kyambogo University, Kampala
  • 2006 - 2009   High school teacher of Biology and Chemistry   Muntuyera High School, Kitunga


Provide a link to projects, publications

  1. Kakongi, N., Rukundo, G.Z., Gelaye, B. et al. Exploring pathways to Hospital Care for Patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias in rural South Western Uganda. BMC Health Serv Res 20, 498 (2020).


  1. Turgeman, T., Kakongi, N., Schneider,A., Vinokur, Y., Teper-Bamnolker, P., Carmeli, S., Levy, M., Skory, D. C., Lichter, A. and Eshel, D. (2014). Induction of Rhizopus oryzae germination under starvation using host metabolites increases spore susceptibility to heat stress. Phytopathology, 104: 240-247.


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