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Mortuary Attendant

Name: Tumwesigye Habert

Position: Mortuary attendant

Qualifications: Bachelor of biomedical engineering, Diploma in science laboratory technology, certificate in science laboratory technology

Email address:

Research group actively involved in;

  • Development of rapid diagnostic method for cervical cancer screening and premalignant lesions
  • Design of a multi- chambered infant thermoregulatory: device for therapy and prevention of hypothermia among infants in resource constrained health facilities


  • Assist pathologist to perform postmortem procedures and other mortuary techniques
  • Embalming and preservation cadavers for study purpose
  • Taking care and preservation of pathology samples for study purpose
  • Record keeping and client care relations
  • Preparation of preservative solutions, disinfectants and cleaning solutions
  • Demonstrating postmortem procedures to medical students

Research interests

  • Material science research
  • Histopathology laboratory based research
  • Nano engineering research
  • Tissue engineering research
  • Medical, Healthcare, and Life Sciences innovations
  • Nuclear medicine research

Notable achievements

  • I have designed sops for postmortem procedures
  • I have designed sops for preparation of preservatives.
  • I have designed sops for preparation of cleaning solutions and alcohol based hand sanitizers to fight against covid19
  • I have developed and implemented the use of sops for hand washing and personal protective equipment to carb down spread of covid 19 given the fact we have been handling covid 19 bodies and suspected bodies.


  • Laboratory technician
  • Biomedical engineer



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