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About Gertrude :
Gertrude Kiwanuka holds a PhD degree in Biochemistry of MUST. She joined the Department of Biochemistry in 1992 as a graduate student and has since progressed through the academic ranks of the University to the present position.
Research interests: They range from molecular studies and mechanisms of pathogenesis of infectious diseases, particularly malaria and HIV, to molecular mechanisms of non-communicable diseases: cancer, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. She likes employing a combination of field-based research with laboratory-based studies. Her previous and current research has focused on the molecular biology of malaria parasites to study the diversity of the parasites, its contribution to epidemiology and the pathogenesis of anaemia. She is interested in studying the interaction of the biology of malaria parasites and the host’s immune system.
Future work will focus on the interaction of malaria and HIV; studies on molecular mechanisms of oncogenesis, altered gene expression in cancer with a goal of identifying therapeutic agents to halt proliferation of cells; as well as studies on genetic determinants of obesity and metabolic diseases.

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