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Fred Norman Bagenda

Senior Lecturer

Name: Dr. Fred Norman Bagenda
Position: Senior Lecturer

Address : P.O.Box 1410, Mbarara, Uganda.
Location: Nursing/Community Health
Phone: +256772452506/ +256701452506
Website: Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Research areas:
Maternal and Child health, Malaria, HIV and other infectious diseases, male involvement in health care and Monitoring and Evaluation

Education and Training
1. Masters of Science in Community Health and Health Services Management in Developing countries (MSc CHHM) Heidelberg University, Faculty of Medicine, Heidelberg, Germany.(Oct 2002 to September 2003).
2.  Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelor or Surgery (MBChB) Makerere University Medical School Kampala, Uganda. Oct 1990 - July 1995
Others 2014ANTWERP UNIVERSITY, ANTWERP, BELGIUMInternational Course in Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Qualitative research methods.2012; Certificate in Research Ethics. (Family Health International 360, FHI 360) 2011; Certificate in Leadership Development Programme (LDP) as LDP trainer (Mbarara University). March 2003; Certificate in Rational Drug Management in International Health (Heidelberg University). November 2001;Certificate Health services planning, organization and management ( WHO, Ministry of Health Uganda and Mbarara University) September 2000; Certificate in Performance improvement for Reproductive and child health (Makerere University, Regional Centre for Quality Of Health Care

Research activities done

Research activities

1. 2018 - Rubella Igm Epidemiology in the pre-rubella vaccine era in Ugand

2. 2017 Field Evaluation of three Blow Fill Seal Vaccine containers in Uganda.

3. 2015- Co- Investigators. Bacteriological Quality of stored Domestic Water and Water Sources in rural  settings at Mbarara and Kasese Districts in southwestern Uganda using a low cost Compartment Bag Test method (2015).

4. 2015 Jan-Feb: End of project evaluation for Live At Birth programme, Bwindi Community Hospital/Sustain For Life, Kanungu district, Uganda.

5. Investigator, ABO and Rhesus Blood distribution amongblood donors in Rural South westen Uganda. A retrospective study 2015

6. Co-investigator, An Interventional study in Kabale as a Co-Investigator on “Promotion Constructive male involvement in increasing uptake of PMTCT and Family planning services” a collaboration of Mbarara University/Department of Community Health, FHI360, USAID and Elizabeth Glazer Foundation.(2013-2014)

7. Co-Investigator, Hepatitis B and Brucella prevalence and brucella titre study in Kiruhura district, Uganda. 2013

8. Co-investigator, Conducting external evaluation of an Output Based AID (OBA) health care financing project implemented by the Ministry of Health, Uganda, German Development Bank and the private practitioners in the provision of Reproductive Health care and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (2006-2010).

9. Investigator, Piloting a community/household integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI) model in Mbarara and Bushenyi districts, Uganda.2003-2007.

10. Co-Investigator, STI Prevalence survey in the greater Mbarara District (2006 – 2007)

11Co-Investigator, HIV sero-behavioral prevalence study conducted in Greater Mbarara, Kiruhura,Isingiro and Ibanda districts (2006).

12Co-Investigator, Effects of abolition of cost sharing on Health services in Uganda, WHO and Ministry of Health Uganda.(2001 to 2003)
Co-Investigator, Evaluation of DISH II project, John Hopkins University and Dept. of Community Health, Mbarara University (2001)(GoU/DISHII/USAID.


  1. Nicholas Kwikiriza 2016 Masters of Public Health. Mbarara University (on going)
  2. Micheal Mazzi, 2016  Masters of Public Health. Mbarara University (on going)
  3.  Davis Ajuna, 2015  Masters of Public Health. Mbarara University  (on going)
  4.  Noel Kansiime, 2012.  Masters of Public Health.
  5. Richard Niyomusabye, 2009. Masters of Public Health.
  6.  Francis Mugabi, 2008. Masters of Medicine Family Medicine and Community Practice.
  7. Patrick Kagurusi, 2007, Masters of Public Health
  8. Richard Migisha 2016 Masters of Public Health, Mbarara University (MUST. Completed.


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