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Edgar Mugema Mulogo

Associate Professor/Chair of Department

A bout Dr. Edgar Mugema Mulogo
BDS (Mak), MPH (Mak), MSc. (ISS, Rome), PhD (MUST) is a public health specialist with particular interest in the health service management and health systems research areas. He has served the Government of Uganda health sector in various capacities over a period spanning 22 years.

He has previously worked at a regional health facility level providing health care for rural communities. Edgar has since 2001 been involved in activities assessing equity in access to health care, with the proposed output of these activities being the synthesis of interventions that lead to improved access to health care particularly for the poor and vulnerable.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, Edgar has participated health system performance assessment within the WHO Framework at the sub-national level. He has experience in the areas of: Decentralized health systems, Development of partnerships for health, Conceptualization of programs in areas of health services management, Use of health information systems databases, Health policy development, Economic evaluation of Health progams, Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Interventions, and Health Systems Research

Edgar has worked as a consultant evaluating projects funded by different stakeholders; Ministry of Health, USAID, Ministry of Health, Uganda AIDS Commission, KfW, World Bank/GOPA, Belgian Technical Cooperation, WHO, Population Council among others. Currently Edgar is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Community, Mbarara University of Science and Technology with responsibilities that include:
a) Administrative – provision of oversight to all departmental activities of teaching, research, and community service.
b) Research – currently a PI on two research projects that are a partnership between MUST and the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Centre for Global Health.
c) Teaching – for both undergraduate medical students and post graduate public health and clinical students in the areas of Health Policy Planning and Management and Economic evaluation of health care interventions.
d) Supervision – of Masters and PhD Public Health Students at MUST and Mak
e) Community activities – Together with the Community Based Medical Education unit within the Department of Community Health, involved in ensuring the community based service activities are implemented by medical students’ based at primary care facilities over south western Uganda.

Contact details:
Email:,, Skype: edgar.mulogo1
Tel: +256772433508+256772433508

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