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Name:      Dr. Deusdedit Tusubira

Position:  Lecturer; Acting Head of Biochemistry Department

Qualifications:  Bsc.( Mak),  Msc.( Liverpool),  PhD ( Bergen)

Email address:

Research group or field you are active: Mitochondrial metabolism, diseases across a lifespan, Diagnostics in the developing world

Role: co-investigator

Research interests

  1. Biomedicine
  2. Molecular biology of parasites and disease vectors with particular interest in molecular mechanisms of resistance to agents used in control
  3. Diseases across a lifespan including embryonic programming especially the role of energy availability on later life diseases
  4. The nexus that links metabolic rewiring with its associated pathophysiology and its implications for healthy aging and longevity
  5. Diagnostics including molecular targets for incorporation in low cost point of care devices.

Unique responsibilities in the Department (if applicable)

  • Coordinator postgraduate studies biochemistry

Any notable achievements

  • Head of Department from 2019 up to date

Role related posts held:

  • Member of the Faculty Research Committee.
  • Member of the Faculty postgraduate Committee


Diagnostics and the developing world

A star science clubs for promotion of science to young people


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10.  Tusubira D. The biomedical sciences in Uganda: a review



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