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Radiology Staff

The Radiology Department at Mbarara University/Mbarara hospital

The first x-ray for Mbarara Hospital was acquired in 1957 and an ultrasound machine in 1993.
Mbarara Hospital currently is a regional referral and the teaching hospital for Mbarara University of Science and Technology. The hospital has had Radiologists on and off since the 1990’s to teach the undergraduates.

Its not until 2010 when Dr. Komuhangi Patricia and Dr. Rosemary K. Byanyima with support from partners like University of Mc Master started an M.Med program at MUST. The program has scored successes! Two (02) radiologists have so far graduated.  Currently, there are more than 10 residents on the MMED program. 


General purpose X-ray machine/room 


•       A general purpose x-ray machine,

•      C-arm fluoroscopic unit 

•      Three (03) ultrasound machines

•      A 16 slice Siemens Computed Tomography (CT) scanner.

•      A PACS system is currently being configured for the CT machine


•      A visiting Professor of Radiology

•      Three radiologists

•      More than ten (10) residents (SHOs)

•       One Principal radiographer, 3 senior radiographers and 2 radiographers


v  UVa (University of Virginia),

v  MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital),

v  German development Agency (DAAD)

We have had a cordial and warm relationship with the following:

  • Radiology Department of Mulago National Referral Hospital  and Makerere University, College of Health Sciences
  • Uganda Heart Institute (UHI)
  • Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI)


Human Resource:

A robust team of lecturers, professors and assistant professors consisting of Ugandan physicians and international partners.

Full-time sub-specialized Radiologists, general Radiologists, Physicists, technicians, nurses and support staff including a secretary.

Infrastructure and Equipment requirements:

An MRI Machine, Fluoroscopy machine, mammography machine, mobile X-ray machines, Ultrasound scan machines, office space for  visiting professors, lecturers and radiologists to share knowledge, dedicated reporting room for radiologists, department library, students’ lecture/tutorial room, more space for growing equipment needs, office room, more space for growing equipment needs, office equipment such as a printer and photocopier.

Mid-term need is an MRI machine.

Research: This has been on going, but at a low level. Efforts are underway to upscale this markedly.


The Radiology department at Mbarara University, like any other developments in public sector, has had high and low tides. Despite the challenges, the future is exceedingly bright.



Prof. Rosemary K. Byanyima

Ms Nakatudde Rebecca

Assoc. Prof. Juliana Bueno

Assoc. Prof. Jean Pierce

Dr. Connor Lourdel

Dr. Aparna Baheti

Dr. Sonali





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