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The Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology is one of the original departments of the Medicine Faculty of Mbarara University (founded in 1989). It has been located at various sites during its long history. The present Anatomy Building has got a dissection laboratory on its second level.

Teaching of Anatomy

Instruction mainly by lectures. This is supported by numerous textbooks, CD-ROMs and videos, located both in university library and departmental library. A relatively small departmental anatomy museum exists.

All the three traditional divisions of anatomy (Gross Anatomy, Histology and Embryology) are taught concurrently. Gross Anatomy is taught for two semesters in Year One, and the first semester of Year Two. Histology and Embryology are taught during the two semesters of Year One only. Gross Anatomy practical classes are based mainly on dissection of embalmed human cadavers. The department also runs some postgraduate courses in anatomy.


Research that has been carried so far has taken place during training of postgraduate students. The department is waiting for acquisition of more advanced laboratory equipment in order to carry out more research activities.  




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