About MUST Emergency Medicine

As a program, Emergency medicine started in 2017 based on the need by Ministry of Health for trained Emergency physicians as part of an effort to improve emergency care and overall quality of health provision.


Emergency Medicine (EM) is a rapidly expanding and stimulating specialty concentrated upon the urgent initial diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and injury. The EM specialty started in the 1950’s and 1960’s in the USA and UK respectively, when physicians realized that the initial management of acute illnesses and injuries needed to be supervised by specialized doctors to improve the outcome of the first few critical hours of emergency treatment. The EM specialty is recognized internationally, with an African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM) founded in 2009 to bring together Emergency Medicine Specialist societies from all over Africa.

The department has a great team of dedicated tutors with broad range of experience. We have 4 full time local faculty Emergency physicians supported by at least 6 international emergency physicians from US, UK and Australia. The program prepares residents to become clinical, academic, and service leaders in the field of emergency medicine. To produce highly competent Emergency Physicians, we use a combination of up-to-date academic delivery modes such as simulation, bedside teaching, journal clubs, case presentations, didactics, and others.


To train emergency care clinicians, researchers and leaders that can provide and advocate for prompt, quality and equitable emergency care to all.


To be a center of excellence for Emergency medicine training, practice and research for all cadres of health workers.


Quality and equitable emergency care through competency-based training, evidence-based service, and multidisciplinary collaboration.