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Ubuntu project was initially called CBUNEP with stands for community based University Nursing Education Program and which was started in 2004 with the support of funding from fully Bright Alumni Initiative and the collaboration of Florida Atlantic University (FAU), under the fully Bright Alumni scholar Prof. Locsin Rozzano who initially won the 1st grant. The funding was on condition at the sensibility of CBUNEP to take over, since than the University took over from the program. In 2017 due to the financial crisis, the funding from Wyrs medical foundation the name CBUNEP to Ubuntu Project at Katete, so the program was initially at Katete and supported the community with 02 Nurses. In July 2017, Ubuntu project was now supported by 1st mile. AIMS 1. Health Promotion 2. Health Education/ illness prevention 3. Treatment of minor elements 4. Early referral This project uses a Ripple effect model and children as change Agent of their community. Child Parent Nursing students Neighboring community Ubuntu “Mbiti”- 1989 that the world view of the individuals within the community is implest with Ubuntu only in terms of other people does the individual become conscious of his own being, his own duties, his privileges and responsibilities towards other people whatever happens to the individual happens to the individuals happens to all group and whatever happens to the individual the individual can only say, I am because we are, and we are therefore am this a conditional to point under the understanding of the African Man” In the 1st grant support by Wyrs, medical foundation the 2nd community was to be identified after 2 years to receive the same services. Ubuntu project was to be rolled –out in 2nd community in the 2nd year of Ubuntu project. An assessment to identify the 2nd community was done with guidance of Municipal Education officer in Mbarara city, the sustainability of the community to benefit from the project as Nyakayonjo Primary school and the official Launch of the project was done, 25th 02 2020. The program uses the primary school in the community to achieve the Ripple effect model.

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