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Publications for Nozmo FB Mukiibi

Selected publication in peer reviewed journals
1. Mark J Siedner, Alexander C Tsai, Shari Dworkin, Nozmo FB Mukiibi, Nneka Emenyonu, Peter W Hunt, Jessica E Haberer, Jeffrey N Martin, David R Bangsberg and Sheri D Weiser. Sexual Relationship Power and Malnutrition among HIV-Positive Women in Rural Uganda.  AIDS Behavior (2012) PMID 22382629
2. Sheri D. Weiser, David M.Tuller, Edward A.Frongillo, Jude Senkungu, Nozmo-Mukiibi F.B, David R.Bangsberg; - Food Insecurity as a Barrier to sustained Anti Retro Viral Therapy Adherences in Uganda. PLOS ONE, April, 2010, vol,5  Issue 4, E10340.
3. Nozmo-Mukiibi F.B, Chepurnova N.E, Podobina A.A Chepurnov S.A., Krejei. The effects of combined administration of cyclic analogies of malanostatinn and valproate on “kindled” amygdaloid seizures, in: Epiliepsia Amsterdam, 1987.p.p.69-71.
4. Cherpurnov S.A Krejei J.,Cherpurnov N.E, Nozmo-Mukiibi F.B, Podobina A.A . Anticonvulsant effects of valproate and cyclic analogies for melanostatin on “kindled” amygdaloid epilepsy. In: Journal of Phamocology and Toxicology, Moscow, 1987, p.p. 82 – 84.
5. Cherpurnova, N.E., Nozmo-Mukiibi F.B, Podobina A.A, Krejei J., Chepurnova S.A. The influence of cyclic analogies of melanostatin on the “kindling” effect (anti-epileptic effect) – In Bulletin of experimental Biology and Medicine, Moscow 1987, p.p 61-63
6. Nozmo-Mukiibi F.B., Chepurnova N.E., Chepurnova S.A. Electrophysiological patterns of amygdaloidal “kindling” in the krushinsky – Molodokina rats – in: Pr. of the higher school of the U.S.S.R, Moscow, 1987, p.p 29-31.
7. Nozmo-Mukiibi F.B, Electrophysiological analysis of the “kindling” effect following stimulation of the amygdala in rats susceptible to audiogenic epilepsy. – In: Thesis synopsis, Moscow 1986 p.p. 22
8. Chepurnova S.A Cherpurnova N.E, Nozmo-Mukiibi F.B, Bilateral Inter-amygdaloidal and neocortical integration in the development of the “kindling” effect. In: Adoptive functions of the inter-central integration. Published by the Brain Research Institute of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, 1986, p.p 92 -95.
9. Chepurnova N.E, Podobina A.A, Lim T.N., Artichov M.N., Nozmo-Mukiibi F.B, Cherpurnov S.A., Melanostatin and its analogies in the regulation of the brain activities. In: Neural peptides and their role in physiology and pathology. Pro. All Soviet Conf. of the Siberian Branch of the U.S.S.R Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Tomsk, 1985,p.p 131-132.
10. Chepurnov S.A., Chepurnov N.E.; Nozmo-Mukiibi F.B.- The Neural structural and neuroalchemical basis of amygdaloidal epilepsy in experimental animals, In: Scientific Publications by the Brain Research Institute of the U.S.S.R., Academy of Medical Sciences, N.12 Moscow 1983, p.p 182 – 185.
11. Chepurnov S.A., Chepurnov N.E., Nozmo-Mukiibi F. B.- The role of the amygdala in the system mechanisms of motivation. In: Pro. Seminar on the theory of functional systems, Moscow, 1982, Ministry of Health of the U.S.S.R p.p 139 – 141.


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