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Okello Samson


Dr. Samson Okello has been a faculty member since 2012, and is currently a lecturer.

Dr. Okello received postgraduate degree in Internal Medicine from Mbarara University of Science and Technology and a masters of degree in Epidemiology from Harvard University. Dr. Okello is a current Lown scholar at Harvard T. H Chan School of Public Health and a visiting Professor of Medicine at University of Virginia, USA.

Dr. Okello is leads clinical care of patients and specifically heads the hypertension outpatients’ clinic where, he is interested in novel low cost and sustainable approaches for improving blood pressure control and patients’ adherence to long term evidence-based cardiovascular medication.  He also initiated and operationalized  the Gastroenterology subspeciality, performing diagnostic upper GI endoscopy for the entire southwestern Uganda as well as teaching the subject to residents and medical students. 

Dr. Okello's research interest include esophageal cancer, hypertension, and heart failure, investigating the interaction of biological and behavioral factors in casuation of Esophageal cancer and cardiovascular diseases in resource-limited settings.

Over the years, Dr.Okello initiated and heads tele-education case conferences between internal medicine residents ofMUST and those at the University of Virginia, USA, in various medical subspecialities where MUST has no expertise.  He has received numerous teaching accolades in recognition for his skills as a researcher and educator as well as his humanistic approach to medicine.



Peer-reviewed publications.

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