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Safe Abortion Advocacy Grand round on 17th Feb 2015 by 4th year Medical student- MUST

Grand Round on Safe Abortion Advocacy

A fourth Year Medical Student currently serving as the Training Support Director on Federation of Uganda Medical Students’ Association (FUMSA). Recently attended a training of new Trainers (TNT) workshop on safe Abortion advocacy in Africa which was held in Zanzibar from 28th September to 4th October, 2014. The training was organized by IPAS an NGO in Conjunction with International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA).The training had delegates from different countries in Africa and she was privileged to have represented Mbarara University and the country at large!

She gained a lot from the workshop as acquired skills in different aspects of life. As a qualified trainer now, she was charged the responsibility of training others. It is for this reason that she has organized a Grand round on safe abortion advocacy as she would want to seek different people’s opinions.

Everyone is therefore called upon to attend in person to give his/her advice and any other form of support.

A motion shall be got to be debated about.

Thank you.

Kauthrah Ntabadde
Training Support Director
(Fourth Year Medical Student-MUST)


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