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Dr. Racheal the Director of the Birth Centre project at Atyiak in Gulu with the team from MUST

Staff from Mbarara University Nursing department in collaboration with Peace Corps  and the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology are working towards establishing a birth model in the hospital or community as a teaching facility for nursing and medical students.  The team set off to Gulu Atiak on 15th February 2017.  The team members from Nursing department; Dr Grace Nambozi , Sr Betty Kinkuhaire, Sr Anne Aposcova, from the department OBS /GYN; Dr. Joseph Ngonzi, Dr Joel Bottino and from the Hospital;  Sr Robinah Tunihire.  Prior to the visit, arrangements were made with Dr. Racheal the  Director of the project. The Team departed from Mbarara on Wednesday 15th January 2017 and spent a night in Kampala. On Friday the following day continued and spent a night in Gulu. The team arrived at  Atyiak on Friday.

The purpose of the visit                              

  • To learn more about the birth model in order to establish one at MUST
  • Look for funders of similar projects
  • Develop collaborative partnerships

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