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Harriet Nabulo


Harriet Nabulo, BNS-RN, RM

Harriet Nabulo is a Uganda State Registered Midwife and holds a Bachelors Degree in Nursing Science. She has 5 years experience in clinical work and 4 years of Midwifery clinical and classroom teaching at certificate and diploma level schools.  She is now an assistant lecturer in the Department of Nursing, where she teaches midwifery. Harriet has also been involved in community work with other midwives in the hard -to- reach villages of Bugangari and Kateerampungu in Rukungiri District.  There she performed maternal and perinatal death audits and community autopsies to help to decrease the maternal and neonatal mortality that had escalated in the two villages in the early 2000s. She has actively participated in organizing and attending various continuing professional education sessions which include: Mentoring of students, Clinical Instruction, Helping Mothers and Babies Survive, Public Speaking Skills, Manuscript Writing, Ethical Conduct of Research, and Good Clinical Practice.

She has attended many research-related workshops in Uganda, Nairobi, and Sweden and is a member of the Uganda Midwifery Research Network that seeks to find solutions for maternal-child health problems by producing evidence through Nursing Research.

Harriet would like to develop a midwifery career where she will contribute to addressing maternal and child health morbidity and mortality through quality student midwifery training and working with different stakeholders to achieve MDG 4 and 5.


1.  Undergraduate dissertation on Beliefs and Practices Regarding Splenomegaly Among Parents of Children aged below 5 at Pediatric Ward of MRRH.

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