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Hanifah Nantongo


Hanifah Nantongo, BNS, Cert telemedicine, MSc- Pharmacology and Therapeutics (pending)

Hanifah is a registered nurse and has worked in nursing training institutions since qualification.  She held management and administrative roles in a training institution before joining MUST.  She has been the adviser of Mbarara University Nursing Student Association (MUNSA) since 2011 and helps guide students in clinical and community settings.  She has a strong interest in nursing education, and has mentored and encouraged students in teaching to help increase the number of tutors.  She is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  Within pharmacology, she is interested in herbal remedies, as well as drug abuse and its related psychotic disorders. She is also interested in using telemedicine to improve health care status of the rural community.


1. Patient’s perception towards health care provision by clinical students in Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital
2. Efficacy of Musa accuminata (AAA) in the management of peptic ulcer disease and hyperacidity in a rat model

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