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Pharmaceutical Sciences department is located within the Pharmacology and Pharmacy building at the lower end of MUST, next to the University main library.

The Bachelor of Science Pharmaceutical Sciences at Mbarara University of Science & Technology is the first of its kind in Uganda, East and Central Africa. The program started its first intake in 2012 after the approval of its curriculum by the National Council of Higher Education. The establishment of the program was supported by the Millennium Science Initiative (MSI) grant which was worn by Prof. Amon G Agaba, the Principal Investigator of the project who had proposed for the establishment of the program and was supervised by UNCST

Description of the disciplines/courses/programs offered:

The BSc. Pharmaceutical Science is a three year Program that focuses on training highly competent Pharmaceutical Scientists; capable of providing technical expertise in the pharmaceutical sector within Uganda and Internationally. Satisfactory completion of the program leads to award of the “Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences” of Mbarara University of Science and Technology. The program is research and production oriented with no focus on patient care, making it unique from the Bachelor of Pharmacy Program.


To be a recognized leader in pharmaceutical sciences by achieving excellence in research, teaching and service through innovation, collaboration and professionalism

The mission of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to educate and train future scientists and to advance pharmaceutical research for human health improvement and economic development

• Produce strong leaders, educators, Researchers and scholars
• Develop and enhance innovative pharmaceutical Science practices that will culminate into new drug discovery from within Uganda in a period of 25 years.
• Advocate for the recognition of the services of Pharmaceutical Scientist by the Public service Ministry in Uganda and East Africa
• Expand the program from undergraduate to post-graduate levels with 10 years
• Develop and evaluate effective innovative instructional methodologies in pharmaceutical sciences education
• Cultivate an environment of student-centered instruction and life-long learning
• Secure sufficient financial, physical and human resources to maintain high quality research and professional/ graduate education
• Attract and retain high quality and diverse faculty staff and graduate students


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