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The Department of Nursing is privileged to regularly receive visitors from Universities in Uganda and outside Uganda, including Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada, and United States.  Student and faculty visitors come to the Department of Nursing to exchange ideas, work with faculty on research projects, lecture and clinically supervise nursing students, and to learn from our own nursing lecturers and hospital staff.

On arrival visitors are required to complete forms indicating reasons/ objectives of their visits and length of their stay. They are taken through orientation to acquaint them with the hospital and university in general. Through the orientation they are introduced to relevant officers of the hospital and university. The visitor’s program is made by the coordinator together with the visitors depending on their areas of interest.


US Ambassador's visit to the College of Nursing's Skills Lab

A visit by the US Ambassador to Uganda was recently hosted by the faculty and staff of the Nursing Departmnet. The Department was proud to present the recently completed and furnished Skills Lab where practicals training is conducted for the nursing students to improve their skills in providing excellent care to their patients.





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