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Nursing Staff

The Department of Nursing was established in 1999 with five direct entry students (entering directly from high school) followed by the Master of Nursing Science (MNS) program in 2000.  In 2002, MUST identified the need for a program to allow the diploma nurse and midwife to upgrade; thus, the BNS-Completion program was established.

The majority of our graduates are holding managerial and administrative positions all over the world.  Some are locally employed by private and public organizations in both rural and urban settings within the country. The department has had many graduates advance in their career from Master’s up to PhD level from various international universities such as the University of Leeds (UK), University of Michigan (USA), and Linnaus University (Sweden), among others.

With the ever-growing number of students, we hope to grow into a Faculty of Nursing in the near future.

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