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HMEF Student Project Prize Winners, 2013

Liz and Don Hillman prize for students groups that participated in the Leadership and Community Placement (LCP) 2013 at MUST


The Faculty of Medicine at Mbarara University of Science and Technology follows a community based curriculum in training health professional students. This is achieved through the Leadership and Community Placement (LCP) course in which multidisciplinary student groups are placed in rural health centers for a period not less than five weeks every year. This year’s placement took place in the months of May and June. A total of 275 students including 5 students from Canada and 4 I-SURF from Harvard University participated in the rural placement.  The students were divided into multidisciplinary students groups and placed in the 34 rural sites that were used this year.
The Hillman Medical Education Fund aimed at promoting and supporting medical education projects in Africa and other developing countries offered to award prizes to the top three multidisciplinary student groups. The prizes can be used by students to present their work at a scientific conference.
Selection of the top three multidisciplinary student groups
Following the main Faculty LCP student presentation to assess the students, each of the seven assessment center forwarded the best group out of the six assessed to the selected committee. The selection committee was comprised of a multidisciplinary team mainly made up of four faculty members. The members of the selection committee included the following;

1. Dr. Kay Wotton: Community Health Specialist
2. Dr. Wilfred Arubaku: Dental surgeon and Medical Education background
3. Angella Tumuhimbise: Senior Community Health Facilitator
4. Ntaro Moses: Environmental health and Public health background

Seven multidisciplinary student groups namely: Kisoro group, Rukunyu, Ruhoko, Kabuyanda, Bugoye B, and Rubanda PHC group presented their work to the selected committee on Saturday 23 of Novemmber 2013. Despite the excellent presentations by all groups, Rukunya scored 182/220 emerging the best followed by Kisoro (180/220 scores) and finally Kabuyanda (163/220 scores) took the third position.
Way forward
The top three multidisciplinary student groups will be asked to make and present budgets within two weeks to the Community Based Education Medical Coordinator for approval before the funds are given to the groups.

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