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Dr. Tibenderana is a physician with interest in Clinincal Oncology. She set up the MUST/MRRH cancer  clinic five years ago and has mentored several junior doctors and nurses to purse careers in Oncology.

In collaboration with Dr. Lewis, a Clinical Oncology registrar at Bristol Cancer Institute, UK, she won a THET grant in 2016 to train MUST/MRRH Oncology staff in chemotherapy delivery safety. Some of these members did part of the training rotation at Bristol Cancer Institute.

Currently the MUST/MRRH Oncology unit serves as an estabilished regional satellite for Uganda Cancer Institute, Kampala. Dr. Tibenderana also represented Uganda in Barcelona in 2015 on a curriculum review committtee for a four Clinical Oncology training programme organised by International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA). This curriculum is intended for postgraduate training in Oncology across Africa as VUCCent project under IAEA

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